Gardens as unique as you!

Flair Garden Designs, Inc.

Flair Garden Designs, Inc. is a relatively young organization. In a short span of time, we established ourselves as a premier full service company, servicing the high-end home-owners. We provide complete customization to the home-owner, and pick unusual locally sustainable plants. We focus on the specifics of the design elements, and strive to complement the style of the house, whether traditional, contemporary, Mediterranean, or eclectic. We pay close attention to what the home-owner is looking for – be it low maintenance, minimalistic, or extensive landscapes. We enhance the landscapes with natural materials such as stones, gravel, and boulders that provide everlasting beauty to the garden.

We spend adequate time with the home-owner during the initial consultation period, so as to understand their specific wishes and needs. We help the client to fine tune the scope of the project, phasing, and overall budget for the timely execution of the project/s. Once we install the garden, we also offer annual maintenance of the landscape to ensure many years of preservation.

We take pride in going the extra mile so that our clients will stay satisfied with their gardens for many years to come. We consider garden design and installation as a work of art, and as an extension of our professional vision.   We take reliability and integrity very seriously and will not compromise on these elements.